About Us

Beauty starts from within…

The saying is an old one, but one that will echo as truth well into eternity. It is also one of the A-List’s core philosophies 

Knowing that, we understand that what goes into a product is just as important as the end result, so we ensure that our customers are equipped with the necessary information to understand each brand and the work that goes into it. Beauty A-List’s specially curated brands embody the love, passion, care, and truth that we do.

The A-List Club combines our decade of experience, with the real-life wisdom of specially selected A-Listers. From world-renowned make-up artists, celebrities, and musicians, to international brands and publications, we promise to bring you not only the best in products, but how-to content, skincare tips, and style hacks from the minds of the experts.

Beauty A-List also vows to bring you engaging experiences. Educational, enlightening, and empowering, because at the A-List Club, exclusive doesn’t mean exclusion – we are a company by the people and of the people.

Easily accessible, Beauty A-List is committed to providing you with outstanding customer service and bringing you the best brands from around the world, under one platform. The brand built from a love of beauty products and the belief that all good things should be shared, will never be compromised in both authenticity and quality

We believe that Education Empowers. In addition to providing a platform to purchase all your beauty favourites when you want, every week we pen A-List Reads, our digital beauty and lifestyle magazine, offering inspiration and the latest insight into makeup, skincare, hair and celebrity fashion.

This is only the beginning. The A-List Club, like our customers, will grow, learn, teach, and transform into something bigger and better.

Ours is a journey that we are excited to share with you, so come with us, and experience the A-List Club for yourself.

Meet the team

Jazreel Low
Marvy Or
Jacqueline Goh
Raye Padit
Julia Goh